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14 May 2012 @ 01:48 pm
BTR Twitters: Btrfuntime's Twitter
                       James Maslow's Twitter
                       Kendall Schmidt's Twiiter
                       Carlos Pena's Twitter 
                       Logan Henderson's Twitter
                       Big Time Rush's Twitter (Mostly PR)

BTR Fic:  palmwoods (#1 spot for all of you slashy needs here on LJ)             
               btr_funhouse (Place for Fic of all kinds. Gen/Het included!)

BTR Tumblrs: Btrfuntime's Tumblr
                       Other Tumblr's of interest: FuckYeahBigTimeRush

BTR Art: Big Time Rush Group over at Deviant Art

There are tons more obviously. But I just wanted to give those of you who are looking for a place to start, a little direction. These are also our most frequent affiliates and places, those we try to collaborate with and draw fromthe most! Have fun!
30 September 2013 @ 09:48 pm
Hiii! :)

So, a while ago, I was added as a mod of btrfuntime here. I'd really love to see some activity on this community again, even though I suspect the boys are gonna be a little less active in the coming weeks/months. But hey, all the more reason for us to keep the fandom alive, right? ;)

Anyway, I've changed the layout (since for some reason, the pictures of the old one weren't showing up for me, and I figured a new one would not be a bad idea~), so I hope you like it! I'm also planning on going through the tags in the next few days to see if everything is tagged properly, or tagged at all, etc.

So. Yeah. I don't really have any concrete ideas for the comm or plans on how to make it more active again but if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to let us know! Give us ideas for posts, or make your own posts - anything works for us!

I was thinking we could maybe start the episode discussions again (maybe even have a big collective rewatch of the show together) and the shipping posts (to discuss 'evidence' of your favourite ships in canon, fangirl about what you love about them, post fic recs, etc. etc.), and all the other weekly/monthly posts that used to make this comm so great.

So... go ahead and let us know your favourite things about btrfuntime and what you would love to see here in the future :)
09 July 2013 @ 10:18 pm
the summer break tour started a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like it's going great so far!

how many of you are going/have gone/are planning on going to one of the shows? what have been your favorite songs live? how are you liking the setlist? any cool stories to tell? share your experiences/pictures/videos here!

i'm going to the show this Saturday at PNC Arts Center, if anyone's going you should let me know!
03 July 2013 @ 05:55 pm

01-10 - Big Time Rush;
11-20 - Britney Spears.

 photo 44_zps55047d9a.png  photo 47_zps0e65ca96.png  photo 48_zps1b15e6df.png  photo 40_zpscb3cf131.png

here @crazy_lary
21 June 2013 @ 01:03 pm
You need this.

20 June 2013 @ 05:29 pm
This is a formal apology to this comm for going completely AWOL on everything that I said that we'd be doing to get things active again. The truth of the matter is that I'm busy, fever has left and hasn't contacted me in forever, and I got SUCKED into a completely different fandom over on tumblr *cries*. I'm SO ASHAMED, and yet.....I'm not because I really love that fandom. And I really love you guys too, and I'm still going to be present, but I can't be as present as I was when we first  started the comm because 1)  I have other RL responsibilities and 2) I have new fandom responsibilities. :( I need someone who is seriously committed to this fandom, and LOVES THIS COMM to come and talk to me about becoming a mod, PLEASE? I don't this comm to die and if we have enough people volunteer then no one person will feel the weight of  it all. Please?!?!?! I'll even stick around to supervise. <3

In other news, bigtimebang is still happening!!! I'm beta-ing, hopefully. I'm STILL EXCITED and you should be too! Writers, betas, artists, and cheerleaders get pumped! Stay pumped! And start getting ideas going and putting things down because this weekend I'll have ANON SHARE where you can share a piece of what you have with fandom ANONYMOUSLY and they can tell you how pumped they are. It does a lot to get people excited, and motivated about what they are writing. Stay awesome okay? Don't give up hope on this fandom 'cause we are amazing! 
31 May 2013 @ 01:45 pm
Mod Announcement: Oh, man, guys! I super apologize for not being around the past two weeks. I got SUCKED into another fandom and completely lost my wits about all of the plans I had. That said, those of you who were asked to do posts, you know who you are, I'll send you your questions as soon as I can, and for those of you involved in bigtimebang, here's our first post in support!


I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes and signs up for BB's without any clue of what I'm writing about, or where my story is going, or even who is going to be in it! Writer's Sign Ups officially close on Jun.2nd and I STILL have no idea what I'm writing! If you're in the same boat, NEVER FEAR! That is what this post is for! This is a place where everyone can post and toss around prompt ideas and plot bunnies! All of you non-writer's that have FANTASTIC ideas but no wish to write anything, SHARE those ideas here! If anyone as a writer wishes to take a prompt and use it just anon claim it and it's yours! I hope this is helpful and hope you're all getting SUPER PUMPED about bigtimebang. And don't forget Artist and Beta Sign Ups Are Open!!!
You need backstory: I'm separated from my husband but we're still together essentially. I pretty much left to really devote myself to alcoholism, which he is not fond of, but we still date and stuff. He works for NASA. One night I was feeling shitty [drunk] and asked him over to just sit with me. He comes over because he's epic and we end up watching BTR.

Eventually we end up on the episode where Logan visits the Venus exhibit and I blurt "OK you know you're Logan, right?" Because they're all fake stupid for the show it was obvious he was not flattered by the comparison. All the adorable, kind aspects of my husband Logan has. (Just 30-some years younger, which is probably his beef, LOL.) But seriously though, for a astrophysicist my husband has had some bonehead moments. One I love to recount is one holiday when we were dating another couple I was friends with gave us some oil candles. I filled them with oil and lit them and we enjoyed a pleasant evening and after they left I told my husband I was going to bed and don't forget to put out the candles. He stared at them baffled and said "How do I turn them off?" I stared at him incredulously and said "They're CANDLES! You BLOW on them!" Can't you just see Hortense doing that? "I just built a robot girlfriend, now how do I turn off these candles?"

As for Logan Henderson, and I've told this story a dozen times so I'm sorry if it's a repeat for some of you: I got to meet the band at a meet & greet last year in Irvine, Ca (GOD it was hot!) and they were all SO NICE! I had 4 VIP tickets so I made one of my friends with kids come as a diversion so I wouldn't look like a creepy old lady. I deduced the younger girl (7) has a crush on James so just before it was our turn to get our picture taken I teased her "Are you going to hug James?" She VERY STERNLY informed me "If I hug one of them you have to too." I blinked and said "Is that the rule?!" and we were being waved over and before I could think better of it I shoved her at James then awkwardly made my way over to Logan and when I held my arms out he smiled and held his arms out and we hugged. I was wearing one of those LED shirts and he said "Does your shirt light up?" I said "It's supposed to, but they gave me the wrong battery pack." (I'd only discovered that hours earlier: I'd bought the shirt specifically for the show. BOO!) and he went "AWWW!" and hugged me again - totally unprovoked! I was not expecting such a warm reaction. I've only met one other Officially Famous band and that was Pet Shop Boys (You might think you don't know them but I guarantee you've heard at least one of their songs.) They were big in the 80s (and were "old" for pop stars even then) and as they aged they've become very stodgy. I was only able to manage a handshake from them after a show (Though strangely enough the gay lead singer stared at my breasts the whole time. Believe me my breasts are nothing to write home about.) The second time I met them at an official M&G about a year later they had a complete "no photos/no touching" policy because it was the year Swine Flu was so huge (and they're in their 50's now and weird about how they look I guess?!? We don't care!) Camera guy goes "Next!" and we exit, stage left, and Kendall grabs me for a hug too. BONUS!!! I was so giddy I spent like $150 on tshirts and bullshit, haha.

Fast forward three days later and I have another show in Menlo Park (Just north of San Jose) which was HILARIOUS because that venue has this enormous bar and it was completely empty but for me and someone's crabby dad hating his life because he was at a boyband show. I had my choice of 5 bartenders staring into space doing nothing and they were all like "What is this I don't even?" so I clued them in and they pretended to care a little meh. I told them "The neat thing about these shows is I think for most of the kids it's their first concert." And that kind of made it click for them. I have NIP (Non-Important Person) tickets for this show (heh) but was inexplicably able to obtain a seat at the end of the third row. (Gotta fill those single seats, yo!) And I was all giddy thinking "OMG what if Logan picks me for WorldWide Girl!" because I'm delusional and then to my left I see this girl who has this huge blowup of Logan's face. It's FUCKING HUGE! It's 5 feet tall at least and I thought "If he doesn't pick her I'll never forgive him." and he DID! I was ecstatic! And for his WWG Carlos picked this middle-aged woman with a shirt that said "Never too old to be a rusher" and I was "AWWWWW!" Tru dat.

So after the crushing blow of not being Logan's WWG (RIGHT! If he actually did I'd shake my head furiously and go "no no pick a little girl!" because they need it more than I do.) I settled into the rest of the show and when they started singing the theme I felt dejected because "Aw this is the end" then out of nowhere Logan walks right in front of me, gets down on one knee and POINTS at me like "I see you woman!" Like for a long time! I FREAKED OUT!!!

I love Logan/Hortense. There I said it. I said it and I'm glad.

That having been said if at any of my Meet & Greets this summer this bullshit is on his chin?

I will fucking slap it off his face. NO.
14 May 2013 @ 02:25 pm
Hey all! So no one took interest in the challenge, which was super sad, but hopefully, the more I post, the more people will get involved. So, here's an episode discussion! <3

MY RECAPCollapse )

What'd you think of the episode?
What did you love/hate about it?
Did you all adore the amount of pop-culture references as much as I did?
How about the return of Lucy?
And has everyone seen the preview for this week's episode? Where do you think it's headed?

#Talk to me! Also, stay excited for bigtimebang, yeah? Posts for that start this friday. And lastly, I hope people really stay involved in this comm. I post all kinds of things to keep you guys engaged but it only works if you participate!
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13 May 2013 @ 02:33 pm
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• Kendall in New York [20]

Here @ immernochhier
12 May 2013 @ 11:48 am
Um.....I posted the Splash Into Summer Challenge for you! You guys should go hit that up, so that I don't look like a sad lonely mod who is overly excited about bigbang and has members that are too busy to participate. GO, its fun! :D
10 May 2013 @ 11:49 pm
There are just a couple for me and one is the Pranks episode because pranks are such a "guy" thing. I just totally don't get it. The other is "Big Time Green" Although the end is funny.